Brett Sandidge's '78 Trans Am

I drove it everyday back and forth to work until the day I went to a local car show and got the bug to do this. After changing jobs I got a job at the local GM dealership where I got my first paint job. Mike Ehrhardt did the work. I chose 1986 Pontiac Flame Metallic Red with kandy apple stripes. Everything else was stock, the motor, interior, rearend just had a great paint job, I did pretty well at the shows for what it was. After a couple of years I took the car apart...engine & trans came out; subframe everything from the doors to the front was removed. The engine was rebuilt, transmission was gone, through frame was painted etc, put it back together and did even better than before. So in the fall of 1994 I decided to redo the interior. Everything was taken out, dash, seats, ya name it I took it out, redid everything and put it back together and did even better that next year.
      Now it's 1995, paint is 8 or 9 years old. It needs to be refreshed, so the engine & transmission came back out. Everything was dissasembled on the subframe; it was powdercoated and new bushings were put in, and all the suspension parts were powdercoated. Rick Lotshaw did the paint work for me 1995 Dodge Ram red w/ grey and black stripes and checkerboards. Took a year off and took my time to put it back together and did really well that year.
      1997 came I needed some flash on the car so I called my buddy John Wargo at the Custom Shop and he drew me up a design and we did the airbrush work before the World of Wheels in Chicago in 1997. I did really well. I got 2nd place in my class there. So here we go into the 1997 summer went to the Street Machine Nationals in South Bend, Indiana, I recieved a 'best paint' and a 'best use of polishing and plating' was really happy about that did extremely well for 1997.
      Now here we are in 1998, went to the World of Wheels in Chicago and I recieved 1st place in my class, and then in March - in South Bend, Indiana, (at World of Wheels) I got a first in my class and an outstanding interior ...and the summer car shows haven't started yet and I'm off to a great start..