'82 to '92 Firebird Model Kits

A special thanks goes out to Gilbert Carreon who provided over 230 of the model pics shown on this site.

               1982 cont...


Revell Kit# 7129
82 Firebird (11255 bytes) This kit is part of the Hot Rod Street Machine Series. Its manufactured by Revell and features a highly customized '82 Firebird. No further information is available at this time...




Monogram Kit# 2202
83 Trans Am (48467 bytes)

83tamd10.2.jpg (34027 bytes)
This is a Monogram kit of an '83 Trans Am. No further information is available at this time...



MPC Kit# 1-0832
82 Firebird (69980 bytes)

82 Firebird (47456 bytes)
This is an MPC kit of an '83 Firebird. Its a 1/25 scale kit. All parts are molded in red. Simulated glass for front and rear windows and T-Tops are provided. The clear plastic for these is dark to simulate tinted windows. The holes for the tops are pre-cut. Chrome is limited to the rims, custom exhaust side-pipes, air cleaner, and 1 or 2 engine accesories. Two sets of rims are provided. The base set as seen on the box cover and a custom set that looks like the rims installed on the GTAs from the late '80s. The decal set is also a small one. Basically you get the custom striping as seen on the box and some liscence plates. It can be built stock ro with some radical customizing that includes an optional front air dam, a custom rear spoiler, a turbocharged engine and a custom hood. The kit is dated 1982.


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Revell Kit# 7490
83fbmd11.1.jpg (18890 bytes)

83fbmd11.2.jpg (17034 bytes)

83fbmd11.3.jpg (14665 bytes)
This is a large scale 1/16 kit of a customized Firebird SE. No further information is available at this time...



Revell Kit# 7247
83tamd12.jpg (32735 bytes) This is a 1/25 scale kit of a custom Targa Firebird. No further information is available at this time...




LS Kit
85tamd12.jpg (37343 bytes) This is a Japanese kit in 1/25 scale. No further information is available at this time...



Monogram Kit# 2224
85tamd11.1.jpg (66734 bytes)

85tamd11.2.jpg (44005 bytes)
This Monogram kit is 1/24 scale and features an '85 Trans Am in the traditional black and gold paint scheme. Its molded in gloss black and features "smoked" transparent windows. Decal set is very good and includes gold striping, Trans Am callouts and 5.0 Liter FI callouts. There is also a large gold hood bird and two small sail panel bird decals. An Illinois liscense plate is also provided. Chrome pieces include the TPI runners, plenum, valve covers and four stock rims. Interestingly the box states that gold colored plated parts are included however upon inspection of the kit you find that only standard chrome pieces are included and you must paint the pieces gold. This kit features more detail than the average 1/24 scale kit. Copyright date is 1984.


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MPC Kit# 1-0733
85tamd10.1.jpg (53069 bytes)

85tamd10.2.jpg (37267 bytes)

85tamd10.3.jpg (96874 bytes)
This is an MPC kit of a 1985 Trans Am. Like the one above it too features the black and gold paint scheme. The words on the box below the title say "Pontiac Super Sports Coupe". No further information is available at this time...




MPC Kit# 6311
86tamd11.1.jpg (50805 bytes)

86tamd11.2.jpg (36479 bytes)
This is a 1/25 scale MPC kit of an '86 Trans Am (box identifies it as a Firebird). No further description is available for this kit...



MPC Kit# 6396
86tamd10.1.jpg (43902 bytes)

86tamd10.2.jpg (35944 bytes)
This is an MPC kit of a 1986 Trans Am (box identifies it as a Firebird). It can be built stock or custom. The custom version is whats displayed on the box. Custom features include a dual aero wing on the trunklid, custom wheels and oversized tires (kit on the box has custom tires in the rear and standard ones up front for the drag racing hot rod look), chrome sidepipes, and a hood bird decal that resembles a mechanical bird. The decal set is excellent. You get the aforementioned hood bird which is beautifully detailed, your choice of sets of Ohio, Texas, and Illinois plates, the custom silver stripes that seem to fade (as seen on the box top), several racing decals i.e. Kendall, Fram, Bardahl etc..., and sail panel decals. Interestingly the top of the decal sheet reads "Decal design used with permission of Rueben Huante." The chrome is separately packaged from the rest of the kit in a sealed bag. Pieces include stock rims and custom rims, sidepipes, valve covers, carburetor, alternator, air cleaner etc... The kit is molded in a light beige color. The T-Tops are pre-cut and clear plastic Tops are provided with the other simulated glass allowing you to have the Tops on or off. Copyright date is 1986.