'70 to '81 Firebird Model Kits

 A special thanks goes out to Gilbert Carreon who provided over 230 of the model pics shown on this site.



ARII Kit# A571-1200
74 Trans Am (32519 bytes)

74 Trans Am (13491 bytes)

74 Trans Am (20442 bytes)

74 Trans Am (51066 bytes)
The kit is 1/24 scale and was made by ARII . Though a fairly basic kit, it is very nice in detail of what's there.  The body is molded in white and has separate doors that are hinged.  The hood is molded in and is non-opening and has a correct looking shaker molded as part of the hood. Although it is not stated on the box what year it is, the kit is obviously a 1974 due to the '70 - '74 style rear window, and new for '74 bumpers.
The interior is molded in black and includes correct looking door panels, console seats and dash panel.  Unfortunately the dash face is not a chrome item. The Formula steering wheel is molded in black and looks correct other than the center cap. There are also some separate
front suspension parts, also molded in black. The chrome parts consist of a full set of honeycomb wheels, a wide set of chrome custom wheels (the rears being deep dish), head lamp bezels, grills, shifter handle, license plates, chrome for the side mirrors.
Instructions for this kit are in Japanese with brief instructions in English, with the title "Firebird Trans Am" with Trans Am as one word. There is is set of BF Goodrich T/A radials includes and the contacts for a small motor and a rear axle with gears attached but it appears that you must purchase the motor separately.
Decals for the kit include a hood bird in odd colors with the body of the bird being blue outlined in red, with the wing tips in yellow outlined in blue then red. There are a few sponsor decals too.  One oddity is that one set of the sponsor decals is Good Year Tires, but the kit comes with BF Goodrich tires.  There is also one decal about 1/4" X 1 1/2" that says FIREBIRD.
As a side note on the box cover under where it says Firebird Trans Am the Japanese writing says the same thing. This from my Father who can read Japanese. No date is available on this kit.



ARII Kit# A261-1500
74 Trans Am (55529 bytes)

74 Trans Am (14525 bytes)

74 Trans Am (25237 bytes)
This is another ARII kit. Japanese seem to like to base their kits on some kind of theme. This one was interestingly labeled "American Violence". Maybe a hint as to their feeling about our culture at the time?? Its a 1/24 scale kit and is motorized. No further information is available at this time...



MPC Kit# 1-7415-250
74 Formula (65267 bytes)

74 Formula (36373 bytes)
This is a 1/25 scale MPC kit of a 1974 Firebird Formula. The first photo just shows the box while the second shows you some of the included decals and parts. Like many other kits this one could be built one of three ways: a street rod version, a GT Endurance Racer version, and simply stock. No further information is available at this time...



Otaki Kit# OT3-62
74 Trans Am (52595 bytes)

74 Trans Am (17286 bytes)

74 Trans Am (30269 bytes)
This is a kit of a 1974 Trans Am that was manufactured by Otaki. It is 1/24 scale and comes with a minimal amount of parts but seems to be well made. The instructions included are printed in both English and Kanji. An interesting feature of this model is that the doors come as separate pieces and you also get separate door panels. The kit also includes a small motor that will allow the car to move on its own. The decals included feature two different color hood birds, one orange/yellow/black and one blue/light blue/black and two 455HO decals. There is no date on this kit.



Otaki Kit# OT3-151-1200
74 Trans Am (56143 bytes)

74 Trans Am (19229 bytes)

74 Trans Am (25834 bytes)
This Otaki kit is labeled the "Rock Machine". It is 1/24 scale and motorized. No further information is available at this time...



Otaki Ki# OT3-62-1000
74 Trans Am (47032 bytes)

74 Trans Am (18922 bytes)

74 Trans Am (22118 bytes)
Another Otaki kit, this one is 1/24 scale and is motorized. This seems to be pretty standard for Japanese kits. The words "High Grade Machine" appear in English in the upper right hand corner. No further information is available at this time...


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Otaki Kit
74 Trans Am (25814 bytes)

74 Trans Am (53984 bytes)
Yet another Otaki kit. No further information is available at this time...




MPC Kit# 1-7515
75 Formula (93250 bytes)

75 Formula (33120 bytes)

75 Formula (25419 bytes)
This is a 1/25 scale kit of a '75 Formula offered by MPC. Like many of the kits released during this decade it could be built 1 of 3 ways: show car, racing, and of course stock. The kit looks to come with an interesting array of extras to detail the car depending on the version you choose to build like a safety net and side pipes for the race version and Trans Am style fenders and sail panel scoops for the show car version. No further information is available at this time...


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75frpro11.jpg (80490 bytes)

75frpro12.jpg (36987 bytes)

75frpro10.jpg (41895 bytes)
This is a dealer promo offered in 1975 to buyers that bought a new Trans Am at the dealership. From 1975 to 1981 promos were offered as unbuilt kits. This kit is the starlight black version. The following is from the Promo section of the site:

Coupe – Colors known to exist: Sunstorm yellow. This was the first year for the "Promo Kit". The promo kit was the same as the previous assembled promos only now you had to assemble the approximately 25 parts using an easy to follow instructions sheet. This kit came packaged in attractive model kit style box showing a Red with White interior Formula in a garage setting next to a Silver Trans Am. The sides of the box showed other pictures of the car and some of its features. These pictures were illustrated in the 1975 dealer brochure. It was a Formula 400 and basically identical to the 1974 model except the parking lights were now located in the all chrome grill and the rear window had the new wrap around design. The interior was the same as the 1974 model. The promo kit wheels and tires were now like the regular 1/25th model kit that included three pieces, a front chrome Rally II wheel, a Polyglass GT F60-15 tire, and a body colored back wheel. The chassis now featured a single exhaust system with a single catalytic converter connected to a single cross flow muffler and dual tail pipes. Value for a factory sealed unbuilt kit is in the $50.00 range.

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MPC Kit# 1-7615
76 Formula (71815 bytes)

76 Formula (44463 bytes)

76 Formula (41668 bytes)
This is a '76 Formula model made by MPC, and the only model of a '76 Firebird I've seen to date. It is 1/25 scale and can be built in one of three ways. The entire kit (other than the chrome) is molded in white plastic. It includes a full roll cage. Chrome parts include a set of Rally IIs, a set of custom wheels, a set of side pipes and some misc engine components. Decals included are the decals shown on the cover of the box (including the "Pontiac" on the quarters). The kit is dated 1975. This is another rare and collectable Firebird kit.



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