The 1998 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


Blue Trans Am convertible

Blue Trans Am convertible

Blue Trans Am convertible
This is a convertible Trans Am equipped with the Ram Air package. The car made an appearance at the 1997 Trans Am Nationals held in Dayton, Ohio. The pics were taken and submitted by Kenny G. The introduction of the ALL new 1998 Trans Am has proven to be an extremely exciting one. While the outward appearance may not please everyone, the new LS1 engine combined with a host of other upgrades should.
          The new LS1 is an all aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners and cast aluminum heads. The 90 degree 5.7L V-8 displaces 346 cubic inches and with a 3.90 bore and a 3.62 stroke the standard horsepower rating is now 305hp @ 5200 rpm with torque figures at 335 lbs.-ft  @ 4000rpm. Some other interesting additions to the new block are six bolt mains, hypereutectic pistons, powder metal connecting rods, a nodular iron crankshaft, a coil per cylinder ignition system, and a cast aluminum oil pan. There are a slew of other improvements and new technologies associated with this motor. I hope to provide an illustrated breakdown of the new engine soon. The Ram Air version will come in around 320hp. 



Red Formula

Red Formula

Red Formula

Red Formula

Red Formula
The new Formula with a Ram Air hood. Contrary to many fears the new Birds did not lose their signature Flip-Up headlights. They remained but with a new design. Each housing now holds two "mini-beam" headlights that are supposed to improve lighting during nighttime driving. Driving lights are also now standard equipment for Firebirds.
          Additionally heat extractor ducts are once again installed in the fenders to help with brake cooling. The braking system has also been redesigned. New rotors up front have increased in diameter from 10.7 inches to 11.9 and in the rear from 11.4 to 12 inches. Also installed in the front are aluminum dual-piston calipers and brake linings have been changed from semi-metallic to organic. The Anti-lock Brake System is now a solenoid based system manufactured by Bosch. An Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system has also been installed and the Firebird is the first American car to utilize this system. It replaces the standard hydraulic proportioning valves. Lastly the new Firebird also gets a revised traction control system that is operator selectable from the interior.




White Trans Am (79424 bytes)

White Trans Am (98733 bytes)

Interior (36315 bytes)
This beautiful white Trans Am is owned by Eric Cerney and its the first privately owned '98 to be added to the site. The TA comes equipped with the standard 5.7L V-8 rated at 305hp and the optional 6-speed manual transmission. Eric has wasted no time however in adding some modifications to the car. Most of these were taken from the '96 TA (see the '96 Firebirds Lot#1) that was sold to facilitate purchasing this car. They include:
Suspension modifications:
BMR Shock Tower Brace 1LE Swaybars
Herb Adams adjustable panhard rod with  spherical end links BMR Full Length Torque Arm
Bilstein Shocks  BMR Control Arms
Autox Alignment Custom sub-frame connectors from Road Tech
BFG 275/40ZR17 Comp TAs GM 1995 ZR1 Wheels
Performance modifications:
Mobil1 Synthetic throughout the drive train Dynomax Ultraflow muffler
ASP Underdrive Pulleys 2000 exhaust manifolds plus down pipe mod
Cut out hood nostrils mod Custom True Dual Exhaust
Lower Air Box Cut Out TB coolant bypass
ERG mod Direct-Flo Air Lid
Ported MAF and screen removal Lower Thermostat
Cooling Fan Mod TPS adjustment (throttle bump stop mod)
Bosch Platinum+4 Spark Plugs
Misc modifications:
Converted clutch master cylinder to adjustable ARE LS6 High Volume Oil Pump
Drilled out clutch hydraulic line mod PCV mod
B&M Ripper Trunk Insulation
B&M Hammer Shift Knob !CAGS
KVR cross diller rotors and pads !DRL
Mecham Exhaust Tips

Performance Data:
Best mile time: 13.262 @ 106.85 mph
Best 1/8 mile time: 8.678 @ 84.43 mph
Best 0 - 60 time: 5.11 secs
Dyno: 324.2hp & 334.8 ft/lbs torque

Eric's best time to date is 14.050 @ 102.59mph. Eric used to own two '78 Trans Ams and you can go by the '78 Firebirds Lot#1 if you'd like to see them. A '95 Trans Am also once graced his driveway. It can be seen at the '95 Firebirds Lot#1.



Black Formula

Black Formula

Black Formula

Black Formula

Black Formula
This 305 HP LS1 Formula is owned by Jim Scialabba. Jim had been the proud owner of a '95 Firebird for some time when Pontiac graciously sent him some info and pictures of the new '98s. After perusing the material he decided to visit the local Pontiac dealer "just to have a look". A few hours later he was driving home the beauty you see here. Jim writes:

     "I considered the Trans Am, but when we lined them up together, I liked the front end of the Formula much better. At the time of purchase, there were only 100+ Formulas in the Great Lakes Area, and only 2 Black Formulas. I suppose it was just nice to be the first on the block with a new toy."

Like most folks Jim has a few mods planned for the new Formula including a Flowmaster Cat Back exhaust system and a K&N intake.

Jim is a true lover of Pontiacs and owned two Firebirds previous to this one. The aforementioned 1995 Firebird (seen at the '95 Firebirds Lot#2).



98ta21.1.jpg (24945 bytes)

98ta21.2.jpg (30679 bytes)

98ta21.3.jpg (40350 bytes)

98ta21.4.jpg (13811 bytes)

98ta21.5.jpg (22080 bytes)
Jim Hogan is the proud owner of this brand new Navy Blue Trans Am. It was bought on December 2, 1997 at Whelan Pontiac-Buick-GMC Truck. A breakdown of the factory installed equipment is as follows:

1push.gif (1016 bytes) 5.7L SFI V8 Engine
1push.gif (1016 bytes) 4-Speed Auto Transmission
1push.gif (1016 bytes) P245/50ZR16 BSW All Weather Tires
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Rear Wheel Drive with a Limited Slip Differential
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Rear Performance Axle with a 3:23 ratio
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Short/Long Arm (SLA) Front Suspension
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Monotube DE Carbon Shocks
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Dual Outlet Exhuast

Safety/Security Features

1push.gif (1016 bytes) Dual Air Bags
1push.gif (1016 bytes) 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
1push.gif (1016 bytes) 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Pass-Key II Theft Deterrent System
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Remote Keyless Entry
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Daytime Running Lamps
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Content Theft Alarm

1push.gif (1016 bytes) A/C
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Delco ETR AM/FM Stereo Radio with CD Player,
      Graphic Equalizer & Monsoon 10-Speaker Premium
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Power Windows and Door Locks
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Cruise Control
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Electric Rear Window Defogger
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Steering Wheel Radio Controls
1push.gif (1016 bytes) 6-Way Power Driver's Seat
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Leather Bucket Seats


1push.gif (1016 bytes) AERO Appearance Package with Fog Lamps
1push.gif (1016 bytes) 16" Aluminum Wheels with Locks
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Uplevel Rear Deck Spoiler
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Power Antenna/ Power Mirrors
1push.gif (1016 bytes) Removable Hatch Roof (T-Tops)

     Jim has already performed a few modifications to the car and more are in store. A K&N Filter has been installed for improved airflow as well as a Borla Dual Cat Back exhaust system. Jim is currently researching the addition of the Suncoast Creations Ram Air hood with a functional box or a custom intake system. Also the addition of a 160 degree thermostat is planned and he'd even like to make the two openings in the nose underneath the running lights functional.
                                         fbody_com.jpg (9648 bytes)
Jim is the webmaster for the site He also webmasters his own personal homepage called Jim Hogan's 1998 Trans Am Page. You can click on these link to visit either of them.



98ta12.jpg (55051 bytes) This 1998 Red-Orange WS6 convertible Trans Am may possibly be a one of one. The photo was sent to me by Bob Currey. Bob writes:

     "They didn't make any. But what is this Vin # 000008 I found in a parking lot. I asked them about it and they said I must have seen the Vortec SC one. But no, it wasn't that one. It was a WS-6 Ram Air Conv't with a Black top and Taupe interior (odd combo, I thought), and marked as such with Pontiac Dealer plates. I went back and it had dissapeared. I did take a bunch of pics when I saw it the 1st time, LOL. They said anything I saw there was ok for people to see..."

Bob Currey

Bob owns his own 1998 Trans Am seen at '98 Firebirds Lot#2.



Ram Air Trans Am

Ram Air Trans Am

Ram Air Trans Am

Ram Air Trans Am

Ram Air Trans Am
Mekko Navaro purchased his brand spanking new Blue-Green Chameleon Trans Am in March '98. Since the purchase he's made some cool modifications:
                             --Factory Stuff--

 chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes)Monsoon 10 speaker stereo
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) T-tops
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Dark Pewter Leather Interior
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Manual 6-speed transmission

                    --Appearance Mods--

chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Custom Silver Graphics
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 17"x9.5" ZR-1 Chrome Wheels
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Firestone Firehawk SZ50 285/40ZR17 tires
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) White Gauge Faces
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Suncoast "Raptor" Functional Ram-AirHood w/Heat

                         --Mechanical Mods--

chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Large Panel Suncoast Creations K&N Ram-Air Intake
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) IRS MAF
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Corvette Fuel Rail Covers
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Taylor Plug Wires w/NGK Platinum Plugs
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Random Technology Catalytic Converters
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) SLP Y-pipe
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Borla Catback exhaust w/Custom Exhaust Tips
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 125HP N.O.S System
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Hypertech Power Programmer
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) G2 Front & Rear Swaybars
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) CAGS
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) B&M Ripper Shifter

                                --Audio System--

chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Alpine CDA-7940 CD Head Unit
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Alpine ERE-G190 Subwoofer Processor
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Alpine MRV-1002 300x2 RMS Amplifier
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Alpine MRV-F352 60x4 RMS Amplifier
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 1 Infinity Kappa 6.5" Component System
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 2 Infinity Kappa 6.5" Two-ways
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 2 Infinity Kappa 4" Two-ways
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) 10" JL Audio Stealthbox 10W3
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Fully Wired with Monster Cable
chk4_lb.gif (195 bytes) Alpine CDS-614 CD Shuttle

The Trans Am  is also optioned with the highly desirable 6-speed manual transmission and now sports a 345hp rating. Mekko recently installed a new turbocharger system, and the car now runs 11.6's.



Silver Trans Am (72298 bytes)

Silver Trans Am (45105 bytes)
Dustin Fletcher owns this silver Trans Am. Dustin writes:

     "It has all free-mods, homemade free flowing air lid and ram air. Hollow logs (modified stock exhaust manifolds), off-road y-pipe, 3" back to a Dynomax Bullit muffler. Nitrous (85 dry shot right now).  It pulled 292 rwhp and 348 ft-lbs torque, at the time of the dyno I had a 3200 Vigilante stall, the stall ate up too much HP. I was no where near impressed with its performance so I reinstalled the factory stall for the time being. My last time at the track (spring 2002) it pulled a 12.2 @ 109 with a 50 shot of NOS.  Right now its just a ride back and forth to college and work. Nothing much special."




98fr14.1.jpg (102031 bytes)

98fr14.2.jpg (91647 bytes)

98fr14.3.jpg (93039 bytes)

98fr14.4.jpg (84947 bytes)

98fr14.5.jpg (99062 bytes)
Jamie Medina owns this purely awesome looking Formula. Jaime writes:

     "After owning an '87 Trans Am, I finally decided to sell her back in Dec of '00. Of course my new plan was to purchase a newer bird. Because the expense of owning a new bird was a bit too expensive for me, I had to find a good deal. I really wanted the Trans Am, but the budget I had would only allow me to purchase a 93-97 equipped with an LT1. Don't get me wrong, that's a powerful machine, But I really had my mind set on the LS1 and the newer body style. So before I went and jumped on a deal, I decided to look some more. Sure enough my waiting paid off. The vehicle wasn't the TA but was a Formula that had the motor I wanted and it was at the right price so I jumped on it. I purchased the bone stock '98 with 35,000 miles on it in Feb.'01. Since then I have added some mods and I'm extremely happy with it."
Factory Options: Mods:
5.7  LS1 Aluminum engine Mac Headers w/Offroad Y pipe  
Automatic 4 speed Borla cat back exhaust
3.23 Rear end gears Direct Flo Air Lid
Monsoon CD player w/10 speaker system K&N Air filter
Factory red Free ram air mod
Graphite cloth interior Granetelli Motorsports Mass airflow Sensor
NO T-Top Reflective "Pontiac" emblem on rear bumper

Dyno Runs with MAC headers only:
*301@5300 Rwhp
*315@4300 Rwtq

Track Times 1/4 mile (bone stock):
*2.08 60 ft

Mod Times to follow.....
Email: Jamie Medina



Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am (49701 bytes)

Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am (33548 bytes)

Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am (32136 bytes)

Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am (25708 bytes)

Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am (51187 bytes)
Bob Currey owns this awesome Sport Gold Metallic Trans Am. Bob writes:

     "Its customized, but tactful. It was a GM Executive car. I tried to order a Gold/Black Convt., but the color was discontinued on me. Letters, faxes and emails to Pontiac were of no use (I wanted a stick shift, too). I ended up getting a '99 Red/Tan V-6 Convt. with a 5 spd. Six months later the Gold/Black T/A Convt just appeared on a lot near me, by luck I guess and I traded the '99 V-6 for it. Most of the custom parts were off my V-6. I do have pics of it in its original condition as   well (Actually, I kept all the parts, too). It won 3rd place at the Rt 66 POCI show for 67-99 modifieds. There were only 17 Sport Gold Metallic T/A Convt's built. The wheels are REAL and modified (by me) Cragar SS/980's in Chrome. They are 17 x 8 up front with 255/45/17 Michelin Pilots and 17 x 9 in back with 285/40/17 Michelin Pilots. The caps are modified '87 or '88 GTA Medallions in Black/Gold. If you look at my V6 site, there is a whole page with a voting booth of the test caps I created in the process of modifying them. The Black/Gold Firebirds won the Vote, and look even better on the Gold/Black Convt. You should see them flash at about 5 mph! Its like having 17" strobe lights mounted down there. :)"

Bob's Trans Am recently won 1st Place for Contemporary Convertible at Chicago's World of Wheels.



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