The 1977 Pontiac Firebird, Formula & Trans Am


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This very cool black Formula is owned by Daniel Chamness. He picked it up for the low price of $2,500 with only 34,000 miles showing on the odometer. After purchase he drove it for about a year without a single problem until deciding to start working on improvements. Daniel writes:

     "My name is Daniel Chamness and this is my 1977 Firebird Formula. I am 16 years old and have had this car for 2 years. I live on a farm and have a very limited budget, so I don't get to put many accessories on my car. But having the car for 2 years, I was able to do many little projects and a couple large projects to make this car look and perform well. It has the W-72 performance package, which includes the T/A 6.6 litre engine. It came with the 4-speed and 3.23 gears. I was sick and tired of hearing about this hot Porsche 911 that was storming around town, so I HAD to do something about it. I put in a Comp Cams 270H cam, an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, and summit headers. I guess I'm running 375-400 HP. It sure shut him up. I added Eagle alloy 028 series wheels on it. 7" on front, and 10" on back. I hope to one day get around to put in the Ford 9-inch that I got laying around and put in 4.11 gears. If anybody knows how many '77 Formulas were made with the W-72 perf. package, please send me an email." 

E-mail: Daniel Chamness



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This silver Trans Am is owned by Robin Buddhi. Robin writes:

     "My "Silver Bullet" 1977 Pontiac Trans Am/Firebird, T-tops, 350ci., 4BBL, 750AFB Carb by Carter,  4-speed manual, 12bolt posi. rear-end, Headers w/ dual-exaust system (w/out catalytic converter), 4-core radiator, factory oil-pressure, water-temperature, and tachometer gauges, less than 10,000 miles on a master rebuild, high performance cam-shaft, high performance aftermarket heads, and much more to list I'm still in the midst of modifications and restoring it."



77ta30.jpg (94852 bytes) Our own Promo section host John Witzke owns this fantastic Trans Am. John writes:

     "Here is a picture of our 1977 Trans Am that my parents ordered new December 29, 1976. The car was produced on March 7, 1977 and they took delivery on March 18, 1977. It is an unrestored original 1977 Trans Am with only 11,345.6 miles. The exterior color on this car is Code 75 Buccaneer Red and has Code 19N Black Custom Interior. Options on this car include, W72 T/A 400 Engine, Tinted Glass, White Letter Tires, Cast Aluminum Wheels, Air Conditioning, Lamp Group, AM Radio, Floor Mats, Roof Drip Moldings, Hood Decal, Tilt Steering Wheel and Additional Insulation. List Price when new $6,805.66.
This car is carefully maintained to original factory standards and is rarely driven or shown to the public. Our Trans Am is totally original  with the exception of the oil, oil filter, front shocks, battery, exhaust pipe (the section between the catalytic converter to cross-flow muffler), cross-flow muffler and exhaust splitters which was replaced with original NOS (not reproduction) GM parts. Everything else including exterior paint, decals, interior, tires, engine belts, engine hoses, plug wires are factory original. While the interior still smells new, the engine still has the original factory-tune as nothing has been touched since it left the Norwood, OH plant more than 24 years ago.
This car is a true survivor and its a great example of how the factory originally produced these cars. In addition, I have every piece of original paper work, from the sales agreement, build sheets, new car inspection form showing 12 miles, to the window stickers and dealer copy price list for this car. I have shown the car only three times in the last thirteen years at the Pontiac Show in Omaha, NE. This show is put on by the Pontiac Owners Association of Omaha NE and the Nebraskaland Chapter of POCI. It is one of the larger Pontiac/GMC shows in the Midwest. During that time, the car has taken Second Place - 1988, First Place - 1990 and in 1999, Platinum. I am the Pontiac Oakland Club Int'l Technical Advisor for the 1977-79 W72 Performance Package.
In addition, I also serve as a Technical Advisor for NFTAC (National Firebird Trans Am Club), same area of expertise. Currently I am writing an Information/Technical Guide for the 1977-79 W72 Performance Package. This comprehensive guide will list all known specification and build information about the W72 Engine Option Package offered in 1977-79 Firebird Trans Ams, Formulas and the 1977 LeMans Can Am. For those who may not know, the W72 is the last hi-performance 400 engine produced by Pontiac Motor Division."



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Tom Dean rescued this beautiful Trans Am from a field. Tom writes:


I bought the car a couple of years ago because I always liked the 2nd gen Firebirds.  I found the car sitting in a field with grass grown all around. I bought it for $1000 because the owner had recently installed new quarter panels, floor boards, etc.  He then ran out of money and interest in the project.  I picked up from there.  Unfortunately, the 400 was blown and I am in the process of getting it rebuilt.  I dropped a fast burn Chevy 350 in it, for the time being.  Complete with mild cam, ceramic headers, dual 3" custom exhaust and a turbo 400 transmission.   After a restoration of the interior, I moved to the exterior and stripped multiple coats of bondo and black paint from the car.  I spent 6 months doing body work to get the bird straight and painted it silver base/clear with full decals, a change from the original black. 15" honeycombs were installed on Kelly Chargers, I always liked the honeycombs over the snowflakes. This car is far from original but it sounds and looks good and is a whole lot of fun. It now gets about 500 miles a year on it as I travel to local car cruises and events.  A great piece of American muscle car history, the '77 Trans AM T-Top!"

Tom Dean
New Castle, PA



Red '77 Formula (99728 bytes) This Formula is spectacular. With the popularity following the Trans Ams maintain its not very often you come across a vintage 2nd Gen Formula like this one. Kelby Dickey owns this one and here's what he had to say:

     "This is my '77 Formula Firebird.  It has a 301ci engine.  In '96 it was given a new paint job and I am currently working on the interior.  I have never been able to find the lower door panels and that is really bothering me since the upper door panels are easy to find."

          Thanks, Kelby
          E-mail: Kelby



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Ben Gullickson owns this cool Firebird Esprit with the "Skybird" package. Ben writes:

     "I just wanted to tell you guys that I have a '77 Skybird in perfect condition and everything on it is stock except the speakers. I put 2 6x9 pioneer's in it. Its got 114,000 miles on it and its an Arizona driven car."



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Michael Zelasko owns this all original low-mileage skybird. Michael writes:

     "My name is Michael E. Zelasko, I'm 38, and live 45 miles S.E. of Cleveland Ohio in a small town called Freedom Twp. Well, you asked for a Skybird owner, here I am ! LOL. Last year I received a phone call from my aunt Sue, she said to me, Michael would you be interested in my Pontiac? What Pontiac, I asked? She then said, well my Skybird? I had forgotten she still had this car! She told me that it's going to need a lot of work ! I asked what was wrong with the car? She tells me well, I haven't started it since ( 1981 ) !!! I gasped for air at this point. She continued to tell me that the car had never seen snow, or rain, and that in 1981 she pulled it into the garage, covered it up and their she sits! I was at her house the next day. I put a new battery in and added a couple gallons of gas, turned the factory (Blue Key's) and BAMM! running just like it did when she parked it in 1981. Since the car has been covered with a nylon cover it has some moister rust spots on the rear deck panel. That's it! This car is new condition in and out and only 37,582 miles! 305 V8, 2 barrel, air, tilt-wheel, factory AM/FM 8 track.
I'm sorry but I question the other guy who says he has one also, as they only came with a 305 V8. This car was for the Lady's! All the looks and giggles with out the shit & get of the T/A. As soon as the weather break's I'll take pics and send them to you! I had the car out twice last summer and both times I had someone stop and ask, is that original? Two people stopped and made offers of $10,000.00+. When I got the bird from my aunt, I paid $1,500.00 and agreed to never sell it. Do you think I argued over that!! LOL!

Have fun all !! 
Michael E. Zelasko

Note from the webmaster: The 1977 Firebird, Esprit and Skybird came standard with a V6 and could be had with either an optional 301c.i V8 or the 350c.i. V8. In fact there were two versions of the 350 engine, the Olds version was installed in California cars and the Pontiac version was installed in all others.



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John Monteiro Jr. is the original owner of this Trans Am. John writes:

     "I purchased this car on Aug. 20, 1977. and have had it ever since. In 1999 I decided to repair or replace time worn items, (upholstery, rugs etc.) and have it painted. I made every effort to obtain genuine GM parts, and for the most part was successful. This car has 52,000 miles and has never seen snow. I have brought it to many shows around New England, and enjoy going to Cruise nights."



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Jonathan Schmitt owns this restified Trans Am. Jonathan writes:

     "Dear Firebird Gallery, my name is Jonathan Schmitt. I am sending you some pictures of my 1977 Trans Am. I'm not sure if the car is good enough to put on your site since it could use body and paint, but here they are. I bought this car in September of 2002 as an unfinished project. I have since redone the interior, underside, underhood, and inside the trunk. The options, factory or otherwise, as I can tell, are shaved bodylines, shaved marker lights, shaved door handles, widened and flared fenders, 327 Chevy, th350, 3.42:1 posi, six point roll cage, tied frame, centerline 15" wheels with aftermarket spinners, 15x7 front with  235/60R15  BFG radial TAs and 15x10 rear with 295/50R15 BFG radial TAs, cobra CB radio, headman headers, 2.5" dual exhaust with drag dumps, rear window louvers, original spare tire and jack and active shaker hood. I would like to know the history of this car. If anyone knows how to find out I would love to know. Thanks for your time. Let me know if you want me to update the pictures as things get done."

                                         Thanks for your time,                                           
                                             Jonathan Schmitt



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Brown Trans Am (143,208 bytes)

Brown Trans Am (130,025 bytes)

Brown Trans Am (127,061 bytes)
This Trans Am is owned by Aaron Moore. Aaron writes:

     "This is a 1977 400 4-Speed Pontiac Trans Am. Its been bought and fully restored to original condition. It has the original engine. This car was found for sale on a corner at a gas station with 26 years of wear & tear from the sun. It was bought for $1,500."

Aaron has quite a collection of Pontiacs that can all be seen here in the Gallery:
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1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am can be seen in Anniversary TAs Lot#4
1980 Macho Turbo Trans Am Ultra Rare #7 of 20 cab seen at Macho TAs Lot#4
1981 Trans Am can be seen at '81 Firebirds Lot#1
Aaron is also a member of the Pontiacs of Bakersfield club.



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